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Early Years

CourseEarly Years Programme
Led bySarah Alderson/Andy Patrick
DetailsOur programme covers six full day sessions and will be delivered by our Specialist Leaders of Education who have a wealth of expertise in Early Years
Session 1 - Effective Communication & Language - Pause, Think, Challenge - Wednesday 16th October 2019
Session 2 - Supporting Physical Development - Pinch, Step, Leap - Tuesday 19th November 2019
Session 3 - Developing Readiness for Learning in Literacy - Read, Write, Achieve - Wednesday 5th February 2020
Session 4 - Maths Problem Solving for All, Understand, Process, Apply - Tuesday 17th March 2020
Remaining sessions:
Session 5 - Promoting Progress and Raising Standards - Reflect, Understand, Extend - Tuesday 19th May 2020
Session 6 - Bridging the Gap between EYFS and Year One - Relationships, Resilience, Success - Wednesday 17th June 2020

* Please note a different colleague can attend each session.

The Workshops are for all Early Years Teachers and Teaching Assistants
TimingsTuesday 19th May 20209am - 3pm Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary SchoolFull programme £200 partner / £250 non-partner - Individual sessions £50 partner / £55 non partner
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